­How to create a blog post that attracts potential visitors to your corporate websites?

Creating a blog post is one of the best means to reach your target audience and meet their needs. It builds trust and makes you an authority in your industry. However, millions of blogs are being published daily. How do you stand out from this population? How will you know the exact needs of your potential customers? Would you mind taking a deep breath as we take you through the best strategies you will need to create a blog post?

create a blog post

What is a blog post?

A blog post is a piece of the write-up, video, images, audio, or other content published in a blog. Writing a blog post is an essential aspect of any blog.

How to write an engaging introduction for your blog post?

Even after conducting all the research and mastering the topic, you are writing on and jutting down relevant points. You can still stumble in writing an engaging blog post. The introduction of online blog writing is like a showcase where the attraction on your blog post resides. Despite this vital position of the introductory aspect of the best blog post, it remains one of the most challenging parts of your writing. If you are not familiar with writing, you will quickly get confused, especially if you find it challenging to break words flow.

Anyone can create a blog post with an appealing introduction because it’s not as difficult as it seems. Free your mind to get the best tricky words flowing through. You should have the best introduction more than your expectation quicker than it looks. Below are vital steps on how to create a blog post with a loving and straightforward introduction.

How to decide which type of introduction is best for your blog post

If you go online more often to search for things, you will notice different blogs, blog post templates, and blog posts. To create a blog post introduction, you need to choose between the best option that will suit the nature of your blog post format. A blog post that takes an essay has a slight difference in its introduction from an analytical one. The creativity and length of the first paragraph depending on the size of the article. Check out some introductory format below. You can get some inspiration from them.

  • Replicated Speech

Replicate speech is a great marketing idea. It is a type of phrasing that your target audience is used to and can easily relate to. You are writing an article on dieting and its long-term effect on consumers. You can refer to the words of Shakespearean “to be or not to be … “, then rephrase it into something like “to eat or not to eat healthily, that is the question.” No doubt your target audience will be familiar with this phrase, making them more interested in your content. It is enough creativity to make them read through your entire article.

You can use a Famous quote from an expert or a famous person that relates to your blog topic. It will build up your credibility and theme outlook each time you create a blog post. Finding the best quote that matches your fits your expression will help relate relevant information to your blog visitors; it remains the best way to create a gentle transition into your article.

Another primary reason for using a quotation in your blog introduction is that you can easily express your own opinion on relevant topics so that your target audience will picture the point you are driving at. You can create a blog post introduction using the different intriguing statistics. I prefer using an anecdote or a short question; it will make your blog post appealing to visitors and existing customers.

If your blog post is in a colloquial format, you can use simple words in your first paragraph. Creating a blog post introduction all narrows down to creativity. An anecdote works best when you write a post on a corporate blog to those in the same industry. It looks facilitating to readers, and they will enjoy reading your blog post till the end.

  • A rhetorical question

Another method to begin the introductory aspect of your blog post. You will ask a rhetorical question that will intrigue your viewers. This is the best attention grabber. Make sure the question you are asking is wrap up with an accurate description of your blog post. This way, your audience will have a mental picture of what your content entails. You can create a blog post explaining a little deeper into the blog topic. Make sure you elaborate on it to express your point and create a map (a mini table of contents for your blog post.

  • Persuasive

If the ultimate goal of your corporate blog is to convince your audience to make a purchase, then all you need is a persuasive introduction. Most internet marketers will call it “call-to-action.” But this does the trick in a regular blog post too. At this stage, your blog post format should be based on the natural world and how it’s being affected by human activity. E.g., you can invite your blog viewers to take action and contribute to the environmental wealth of their area.

  • Definition

To create a good blog post, especially when the title has to do with an unfamiliar phenomenon. You can start by defining a significant concept from the beginning of your blog post. The definition works as the introduction of your blog post.

How long does it take to write an engaging blog post?

The best way to drive traffic to a corporate blog is to convert it into leads and then establish authority through regular publishing of organic blog posts on schedule. The more often you publish fresh blog content, the more your opportunity of attracting more traffic and leads.

Now let’s narrow it down a bit. When it comes to online blog writing, how much time does it requires? How long does it take to create a blog post? I know this question is a bit dicey. Some marketers use limited resources to create marketing content, while others conduct detailed research and present real data to help their viewers resolve their issues with ease.

write an engaging blog post

From the instance above, it is clear that the type of content and the data you are presenting determines the number of hours. Let’s say a minimum of 1 – 2 hours to create a 500-word count article.

What is an ideal blog post length when creating an SEO-optimized post?

When creating a blog post for your business blog, two things that often come to mind are SEO and user engagement. Writing SEO-optimized content is more to the best blog post length; there are other factors to consider, which include creating value and user engagement. However, lengthy articles have their pros and cons depending on different factors.

What makes a great blog post is not the length but uniqueness and the right keywords. An Ideal blog post that a search engine will optimize should be a minimum of the 800-word count. Why is this important? It is relevant because researchers have shown that the more your article length, the more LSI keywords you are likely to use. It will boost your search engine index rate each time you create a blog post.

It would be best always to consider this each time you create a blog post because your content needs at least these many words to add the appropriate keywords and meet other SEO optimization requirements.

How do you structure a good blog post to reach your target audience?

When it comes to creating a blog post, the blog post format and words therein are the first steps to engage your audience. The more engaging post you publish, the bigger your market reach. More reason you have to be creative, craft smartly and use the right keywords. Once you discover the topic, you are to write about, Follow the crucial steps below to increase engagement and make your content beat that of your competitors.

blog post to reach your target audience

  • Write to your potential customers/Target Audience

Before you create a blog post, the people you are writing to should come to mind. Ask yourself these questions; what do they want? How do they want it? Is it a need or a necessity? How useful is it to them? If you can answer these questions, you are halfway close to your potential customer or target audience. Also, remember to include words like “you” and “your” each time you create a blog post to your target market. Always remember you are not writing to everybody but to those who may likely patronize you. Write to these potential audiences.

  • Be brief and instructive in your write up

A short post that can explain things compressively is more engaging than long and unnecessary content. People search for answers to their questions daily to catch up with the ever-changing nature of the internet. Their time is limited; no one will dedicate such time to read lengthy blog posts to discover it is baseless. I’m not saying writing a long post is unnecessary, but if you must write a lengthy article, you should be able to supply all the engagement and relevancy. A better way to make your long blog post short is by using a table of contents. You can also use the read more button to attract readers.

  • Make you of familiar words

Before you create a blog post, study the words associated with the topic you are writing on. From observing different articles online, I notice some writers are overusing some words while those who make good use of words stand out. You can use some familiar and engaging words for your potential audience to tap into their emotions and compel them to take action. Integrating such words into your blog post will increase the level of engagement and motivate your target audience to become loyal followers.

  • Be creative and visual

Posts with a higher level of creativity and graphics are more engaging than those with just text. Using the right infographics makes it easy for your blog visitors to understand some instructions on product usage or what your services represent in a clearer term. Think about the possibility of people visiting your site and getting the information they need without reading up to 100 words. Is it unique, right? This is enough reason you should design a creative infographic with exemplary illustrations. It is a great way to boost engagement and user experience.

You can use social media to try out some creativity by posting related infographics or normal graphics. Whichever graphics you choose, make sure it is related to the information conveyed in your blog post. You can choose to add some branded elements or graphics to position your brand in the mind of your target audience.

  • Show Proof, not tell

Don’t tell people about products you have no experience with. If it happens you are writing a review on such products; please avoid bragging about it. Your visitors are in the proper position to find the value of your product and services themselves. Always remember, the goal of your marketing content is not only to reach your target audience and drive sales. It is also essential in building trust and a loyal customer base. This you can only achieve by positing yourself as an expert in your industry.

  • Optimize your content for search engine

For your blog post to reach its target audience, learn the basics of search engine optimization (SEO) rules: The use of related keywords in your blog post is essential. The proper title, a good keyword ratio, and anchor text will help you rank on search engine first pages.

  • Add call to action

If you are creating marketing content, make sure you add a call to action button. If your blog post is helpful to them, they will leave their opinion and experience in your comment session. You can boost engagement by asking questions at the end of your blog post.

You can share your experience in creating an engaging blog post with us. Leave a comment below.

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