Corporate blog best practices for online marketers

With the increased rate of competition among top businesses and brands, Marketing has gone beyond “jutting down on paper.” By now, most brands are aware that online marketing is an essential part of their company’s overall marketing. Blogging for business presents a massive opportunity for them to showcase their expertise in the industry they belong to. To extend your audience reach, use corporate blog best practices to attract potential customers and boost sales.

What is a corporate blog?

A corporate blog is a blog designed and published by business owners, corporations, organizations etc., to fulfil its organizational objectives. Corporate blogs are operated by staff or top managers of a company who understands the administrative process.

Corporate blog best practices

It is a vital marketing tool in the hands of internet marketers to reach out to their potential audience. Over the years, corporate blog best practices have made it easy for posts and comments to be reached easily. It is a result of the general structure of business conversation threads.

Why is a corporate blog important to all businesses?

Blogging for business shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you follow corporate blog best practices, you will get more online visibility. Corporate blogs have become the best tools organizations use to pull leads to their business website and get more potential customers flowing in. See more importance of corporate blogs below:

  • Create a solid brand identity

A successful blog increases your online presence and brand awareness. A corporate blog brings more opportunities and helps your company discover their target audience or potential customers quickly. Each time you publish SEO-optimized marketing content, it ranks top on search engines. This will make people locate your brand, especially when shares are also made to different social media platforms. With corporate blog best practices, more people will become familiar with your brand and the services you offer. It is what most business owners clamour for.

If you run a small-scale business and do not have enough money to make your corporate website go viral, you can try marketing with a corporate blog. There are lots of organizations in Germany that got massive publicity through a creative blog post. More interesting is that they didn’t try to promote their products or services directly. All they did was write a post that will help their potential customers to use their products effectively. There was little to no buy button, but blog visitors proceeded to their business website to purchase their products.

  • It builds strong relationships

Corporate blogs are a medium of communication in any business. Before now, there were lots of information lapses leading to a great misunderstanding between brands and their potential customers. This communication gap was bridged by the introduction of corporate blog best practices where relationships are nurtured.

Brands that focus more on their target market, suppliers, employees, customers, and other people related to their business can easily use a blog post as a medium for creating a two-way conversation.

It can easily be achieved by asking for blog visitors’ feedback, like thoughts and comments. It will get them involved. You can also create a guest post as part of your corporate blog strategy, which creates this feeling of involvement in your business. It will help your readers to understand your brand and see you as the right company they can communicate with at any time and get the appropriate answers to their questions.

  • It gives your brand a human face

With corporate blog best practices in your business, you can quickly humanize your company via your personality and the manner you present viable information to your target audience. You can also involve your employees in the corporate blogging process. Make them moderators or editors and assign specific blog posts with their names and images attach in the author box. Doing this will make your customers see you as human and not bots or faceless machines. It gives them more accessible access to you with a sense of belonging to do more business.

A practical example is MOZ blog, an online marketing authority. Each time their writer publishes a new post, their profile and links about their details information are attached at the bottom of their post.

  • It improves business transparency

Blogging is a beautiful way for business owners to give their brand a human face. When this is achieved, you earn trust from your customers. Most corporate blogs are used to share internal updates like sales figures and new partners. When your targeted audience sees your business as being transparent. These corporate blog best practices see your brand as trustworthy, and they are more likely to buy your products or patronize your services.

It improves business transparency

The use of corporate blogs offers a high level of business transparency. Corporate blogs share internal memos, emails and other essential information to earn trust from their customers.

  • A fast way to nurture credibility

In building business transparency, you can also nurture credibility with corporate blog best practices. Learn the habit of publishing high-quality and SEO-optimized content on topics related to your field; this will make people in your industry see you as an authority. They will be ready to hear your opinion on issues, and when they need unique information, they will visit your blog or contact you. This results from creating quality and user-friendly content.

  • It builds excitement and anticipation towards your brand

A corporate blog is a suitable medium for publishing a press release and other important updates on products or services that excite consumers. You can write a blog post reviewing products that are yet to be released or things that will come out shortly. You can also share the links of the blog posts to social media to increase the anticipation further. This gives you an edge over a formal press release.

Example of business brands that followed corporate blog best practices before their official lunch is Notion ink. They took time to blog about their products, how they will be used, and problems that it’s meant to solve. This way, they were able to keep those interested in their brand updated before their lunch.

  • Corporate blog generates leads

Using a corporate blog for branding your business generates leads, which is every business owner’s dream. Each time you publish fresh content in your blog, you’re increasing the chance of your target audience discovering more facts about your business. It will bring more traffic to your corporate website. A higher percentage of this traffic turns business leads; they become blog subscribers with a more engaging post. They will follow your blog updates on social media, send enquiry or try to connect with you in any way they can.

Corporate blog generates leads

Some of the most well-known companies that have generated effective business leads are located in America. Before the user of corporate blog best practices, they were losing out heavily until they added a blog to their businesses. Corporate blogs do not start generating leads from the first day it is created. It should take months to some years with the best blog management packages to get your desired result.

  • It increases customers base

Some of the leads generated in a corporate blog later become loyal customers. Those who conducted research through your corporate blog and purchase your product or service will like to run or refer a friend. This also results to trust. At the time they contacted you, they are over 60% sure to make a purchase. So, your corporate blog has done all the marketing for you.

Some personal finance management platforms can secure millions of customers with the first few years of using a corporate blog and publishing relevant content. Your business can spread globally; I’m sure that’s the aim of every business owner.

  • Gather customer feedback

Remember, it’s a corporate blog, and you don’t have to do all the talking. It would be best to have feedback from your customer to improve on your products or services and serve them better. Allow them to write a guest post, leave feedback via comment session, etc. These are a great way of bringing your customers closer to satisfy their needs. You can get innovative ideas from them each time they use your products or services.

  • Build a community

Most customers you find in a coffee shop, bar, or dinner didn’t step out because they only want to get coffee. They want to hang out with one or two persons. Blogs become more interactive when you incorporate forums, encourage fast feedback, showcase readers, and communicate with your blog audience. Your corporate blog becomes somewhere they will like to visit regularly.

No doubt corporate blog best practices can help businesses of all sizes, and buyer’s journey from the points mentioned above. It all starts from brand awareness, consideration, making reviews and eventual decisions, quality, fresh, valuable and regular blog post updates. These are powerful tools that can boost your website traffic. Businesses who use corporate blogs get brand recognition, leads and fast sales. Don’t ignore this opportunity any longer.

Some corporate blog practices you will need to grow your brand

As a business owner, corporate organization, business manager, internet marketer, etc. There are some corporate blog best practices you should understand to manage blogs. See some of them below.

  • Focus more on quality than quantity

Before now, people are so much interested in how often they publish lengthy articles. But this has changed. All you need is to write quality content around low-competitive keywords you can easily rank for. If you search most of the articles ranking top on the search engine, you will discover plenty of them did not rank top because of their word count, but rather the quality of their content. Writing SEO-optimized content will drive traffic to your corporate blog and boost sales.  Remember to consistently produce the best in-depth articles that are better than that of your competitors.

Measure your ROI

  • Measure your ROI

Follow the best corporate blog guidelines for companies each time you lunch a new blog. This will help you define your RIO or risk investing huge capital, time, and effort with little or no returns. Try to define the goal of your corporate blog, how you intend to get organic traffic from search engines, social shares, audience Feedback, New leads, Inbound links, New opt-ins, multiple revenue sources, etc. Then strive to meet this target over time.

  • Create a realistic content calendar

A corporate blog has many potentials. This makes it a full-time job to manage. You have to keep writing relevant and engaging content to engage your blog visitors. This is the area where companies often make mistakes; they do not create a realistic content calendar. Publishing a minimum of 3 fresh posts weekly on trending events is an example of a practical calendar.

  • Write Naturally and Purposefully

Most corporate bloggers are SEO conscious; they try to write articles in line with their low, competitive keywords instead of imputing natural keywords related to their industry. The best content ever written is naturally crafted, with contextual keywords blog readers can flow with. Learn the habit of always writing more helpful content. The total volume of your band’s information available on search engines creates more publicity for your brand.

  • Think above a written blog

What you write is less important to the style in which it is written. To write a quality blog post, start by thinking about the information you tend to relate to your target audience. Above all, social media has taken a vital role in information delivery. Social media platforms can reach your potential customers within minutes. Social media ranks videos more than usual posts, create a compelling and descriptive video on your product or services, then share to your desire social media platform. If you use YouTube to promote your video, you can easily embed it on your corporate blog and share it with other social media.

  • Be consistent in publishing post

To succeed with your business blog, learn the corporate blog best practices. It begins with writing a consistent blog post. Choose a natural frequency and stick with it. The first step to corporate blog failures is to post at will. You will create few blog posts that will lead to the loss of your corporate blog, if not a total closure. If you aim to have a successful corporate blog, build authority in your industry, and then be consistent in publishing posts to create a reader base.

Inputting all the above to practice, you will notice more traffic from search engines flowing into your corporate website.

If you will like to know more on this topic or share your experience, use the comment box below.



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