The best music player device without the internet

From research, the Mighty MP3 player seems to be the very first, if not the only device that helps you stream music on the go with no Wi-Fi. Mighty, as the name implies, is specially designed with unique features and as a Kickstarter project. It’s an affordable, durable, lightweight, clip-on MP3 player. It remains the favourite of music lovers who desire the best music player device without the internet.

best music player device without the internet

The Mighty MP3 was strategically designed with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and compatible with Android and iPhone devices. More exciting about this device is that it can play for up to 48hours without an internet connection. The first version of Mighty MP3 work with Spotify only, but innovation plans have extended this support to other music streaming services.

How does the Mighty MP3 player work?

If you stumble on this device for the first time, you need to pair your Smartphone with the Mighty app, then use it to sync your favourite music from Spotify. From your, Smartphone click the “Manage My Music” button to remove or add a playlist. One unique feature of the Mighty MP3 is that it has no screen compared to other android devices. The software was built specifically to allow its users to control it using Bluetooth remote control or smartphones.

What is the battery lifespan of the Mighty MP3 Player?

You can enjoy your day with this best music player device without the internet. This feature makes the battery lifespan last up to five hours of continuous music playback at a one-time charge. The team is striving to make it 10 hours plus constant playback when it is fully charged, but there are no plans to increase the current size of the device. The device case is water-resistant and sweat-proof. Fitness enthusiast prefers this device to others.

Which other music app can be used for music without the internet?

When playing music via the “SoundCloud” Application on your mobile device, search for your favourite music track. Push play. While listening to it, explore and click for the “heart” button under the track. It will automatically add the music track to your “likes”. When next you visit SoundCloud, simple go to “likes”, and boom, you will listen to the tracks offline.

If you are currently using any music player device without internet, please share your experience with us. You can as well say something on the Mighty MP3 player.



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